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About us

Bio Degradable Packaging BVBA, is a professional importer of biodegradable packaging, specialized for the food industry. We specialize in the distribution of various items of wood and bamboo, including ice sticks and spoons, toothpicks, BBQ, cutlery, placemats, bowls, plates, straws, salad bowls, bio bags and much more. With reliable quality, competitive price, fast feedback and good service, we help to make your transition from polluting products to biodegradable packaging.

By focusing on natural products, we are committed to delivering high quality products at competitive prices. At Bio Degradable Packaging we are equipped with a staff of well-trained designers to turn your ideas into real products. In order to better fulfill the different requirements of our customers, we can also design and produce non-standard articles according to your specific requirements.

We are active in Belgium, France and Monaco, where we enjoy an expertise in transport to deliver your products as quickly as possible. With the abundant export experiences, we have also built up a strict and efficient logistics system for handling orders.

To satisfy our customers, our mission is to let you choose Bio Degradable Packaging, because then you opt for an Eco-friendly, nature, healthy and fashionable life style! Feel free to contact us for more information.